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  • 48 hours

    in Uşak

    First Day

    After welcoming the day with a magnificent Aegean breakfast, the natural wonder of Ulubey Canyons, which is shown as the second largest canyon in the world, deserves to be the first stop of the first day. After relaxing in the Nature Park located in the canyon, Uşak Archaeology Museum where the Treasures of Karun (Lydian King Croesus) are exhibited should be visited. Following the Archaeology Museum, Atatürk and Ethnography Museum should be visited. Seeing the items of Atatürk in this museum where Atatürk lived for a while will take you on a long journey in that time. The Clandras Bridge or Taşyaran Valley dating back to the Hellenistic Period are among the places that should be preferred to watch the sunset with its unique view. At the end of the day, you can taste the local flavors of Uşak at the restaurants and collect energy for the next day.

    Second Day

    On the second day in Uşak, you can continue your trip by visiting the ancient cities of Blaundus, Acmonia, Sebaste and Pepouza. Following the ancient cities, you should visit Uşak Dokur House, where the most popular works of authentic carpet and rug weaving are exhibited. You can end your trip visiting the Historical Uşak Houses and buy various souvenirs here. If it is the lavender season, Lavender Gardens should definitely be visited.