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  • 10 vibes for Uşak

    like locals

    Ulubey Canyon; There are many ruins from ancient times in Ulubey Canyon, which is one of the largest canyons in the world and has a breathtaking view.

    Archaeology Museum; There are many historical and archaeological works belonging to the Bronze Age, Hellenistic Period and Roman period.

    Local flavors; It has a variety that blends the rich herbs and vegetables of the Aegean with grains and offers different options in meat dishes.

    Blaundus Ancient City; It is an ancient city that was affected and shaped by the Phrygian and Lydian periods and increased its importance in the Roman period. Excavations still continue in the city.

    Clandıras Bridge; This arch, bearing the traces of the Hellenistic period, was built to carry water to Pepouza Ancient City. It is also among the places where you can have a picnic.

    Hamamboğazı Thermal Facilities; These facilities, which are known to be very beneficial for health and intertwined with nature, are the addresses of those who seek beauty and healing.

    Karun (Croesus) Treasures; Karun treasures, one of the most magnificent works of the Lydian period, which were smuggled to the USA for a while, are exhibited in the Uşak Archeology Museum.

    Lavender Gardens; It is one of the unique beauties of the region. There are recreational facilities inside and many places for photographing.

    Strawberry Festival; An enthusiastic festival is held every year in Sivaslı District of Uşak, known as the 'capital of strawberries', and "best strawberry grower" of that year is chosen there. 

    Yörük Festival; Many activities such as music concerts, javelin, village customs and competitions are held in the "Yörük Festival" hosted by Kocabey Village.