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    Tarhana Soup

    Tarhana is one of the traditional fermented foods of Anatolia. Uşak Tarhana is one of the three types of tarhana registered with their uniqueness in Türkiye. Its distinctive feature is that its content is different and it is fermented for 21 days. It is very nutritious, easy to digest and very healthy due to the protein, vitamins and minerals it contains.

    Uşak Tarhana is a wonderful combination of red and green peppers, flour, yoghurt, milk and optionally used beans or chickpeas.


    This is an essential meal for special occasions and weddings in Uşak. It is a local flavor that must be tried, consists of a combination of pounded wheat and meat or chicken.

    Et Basma

    Prepared from carefully selected minced beef, delicious basma meatball frequently cooked by the people of the city can also be found in restaurants serving home cooking.

    Ciğer Sarma 

    Ciğer sarma (liver and rice in lamb caul), Uşak’s famous flavor unique to offal lovers, is a real treat for those who care about their palate and like to eat liver. It is prepared by wrapping rice and currants with lamb liver.

    Döndürme Böreği

    Döndürme böreği (pastry), which is consumed commonly at breakfast and tea times in Uşak, can be made with cheese or spinach.

    Pottery Kebap

    The meal Pottery Kebap (Çömlek kebab) made of mutton and prepared by cooking meat in specially made pots with tomato paste and water.


    The alacatene dish, which is cooked with bulgur and water after blending green lentils with roasted onions, is one of the essential flavors of dinner in Uşak.


    In the city where the best pastries come out, katmer is one of the foods prepared with great attention. Katmer cooked on sheet metal can be flavored with sesame, poppy and tahini.

    Demir Dessert

    Demir desert, made of dough, takes its name from the iron mold used in its production and to give different shapes to the dessert. When syrup is added to the dessert, it becomes a treat.

    Cendere Dessert

    A thin dough is rolled out for the dessert, which is similar to baklava, and it is filled with walnuts and turned into a roll. Both ends of the roll are twisted shut and the dessert is baked in an oven until it becomes brown on the outside.